Hurlstone Agricultural High School Alumni Website

Response to this website has been very encouraging since its inception in June 2006.
Thank you to those who have made comments & suggestions. It is much appreciated.

This website began as a project on behalf of the Centenary Committee of Hurlstone Agricultural High School.

The daunting task of trying to reach as many ex-students and staff of Hurlstone as possible, so that they could be informed of the centenary events, highlighted the fact that the school has no database of contact details for ex-students. We had to rely on a patchwork of information gleaned from various sources, such as old re-union lists, contacts from Country Fair & working bees and contact lists from past special events.

Although we managed to contact a large number of alumni, we know there are still many who would have loved to be involved in the centenary celebrations, but who did not find out in time. We are sorry if you are one of them.

We would like to be able to keep the database going beyond the centenary so that the school's alumni can be kept informed of other happenings at the school, and perhaps attend future functions. If you can help by providing contact details for ex-students that you are aware of, please send an email to the Alumni Admin. Alternatively, please let them know about this website and ask them to make contact themselves.

(At present, there is no formal Alumni Assocation for the school. It this website proves to be successful, it may provide the impetus to establish one!)

The Alumni Register

The Alumni Register provides a way for ex-students to easily update their own contact details so the school can inform them of matters of interest to them. It also provides a method for former students to keep in touch with each other.

The Alumni Forums

The Alumni Forums allow for discussion between registered members and for the posting of information of interest to Alumni.

While this website has the goodwill and support of the school, it is nonetheless a personal website, rather than an official website (and hence any mistakes are my own, and not the school's - Admin). To visit the official website of the school, refer to the "links" page.

Any views expressed on this website or its forums are those of the respective authors, and do not necessarily represent the views of Hurlstone Agricultural High School, nor the NSW Department of Education and Training.