Sale of the Hurlstone Farm

*** Latest news of HAHS relocation and land sale ***

*** UPDATE: 15 Feb 2020 ***
The DET is conducting a community information session regarding this project pn Thursday 20 Feb, 3pm-6:30pm at Hurlstone.
All alumni are welcome/encouraged to attend. (For more information view the invitation leaflet)

On 10th December 2019, a new annoucement was made concerning the relocation of Hurlstone.

Instead of being relocated to Richmond, it will now remain at Glenfield as a selective, boarding, agricultural high school, but be linked into a new proposal at Richmond as part of a restructuring of agricultural eduction in NSW.
This appears to be welcome news for Hurlstone, but there are concerns and ambiguities raised by this announcement which are yet to be clarified - particularly in relation to what facilities will be upgraded and how much farm land will be sold.
Of particular concern was a Landcom announcement on the same day that 3500 homes would be built on former HAHS land!
Details can be found in the documents below:

The Official Announcements can be found here:

The School Response can be found here:

Hurlstone Alumni are invited to make their own contributions to this debate on the Alumni Forums: Alumni Forums - Farm Sale

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On 10 December 2019, a new announcement was made regarding the relocation of HAHS.

It is now to remain at Glenfield as a selective, boarding, agricultural high school. (Refer to the "Farm Sa...

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Older news on the relocation and land sale ...

Less than five years later ... Hurlstone is up for sale again.

On 18th November 2015, staff and students at Hurlstone Agricultural high School were made aware of a new chapter in the school's history.
Below are links to the most current information regarding the new changes:

The Official Announcements can be found here:

The School Response can be found here:

The P&C response to the Minister can be viewed here:

If you are concerned at this proposal, contact your local member and/or the office of the education minister to voice your concerns. Also, please share your opinions / suggestions on this matter by posting a message of the alumni forums for this topic.

For further information, please refer to the Alumni Forums (see menu on left), or the "Save Hurlstone" Facebook page or the "HAHS Alumni" Facebook page

Project Reference Group Updates

From time to time, the NSW Department of Education's Project Reference Group (PRG) issues progress updates on this project. Recent updates can be found below: The official website for this project can be viewed here: Glenfield Educational Precint (NSW DEC)

Information booth at Country Fair - Saturday September 3rd 2016

The PRG looking at the redevelopment of the Glenfield site and the construction of the new school at Hawkesbury is having an information booth at Country Fair which is on Saturday 3rd September 2016. They will be presenting updated information for the two sites which includes proposed concept designs and latest works on the Hawkesbury site. They will be located on the Clarke House lawns next to the Alumni stall.

Open Forum on Hurlstone Relocation - Saturday, 18th June, 1pm-2:30pm

Following on from the information forum held in December 2015, a further open forum will be held at the school on Saturday 18th June, 1pm-2:30pm

Community Consultation regarding the renaming of the Selective High School at Glenfield - June 15 to July 13, 2016

An online forum is now available (as of June 15, 2016) at
The community consultation period ends on July 13, 2016