Student Heritage Group

Who are we?

We are group of current students at Hurlstone, leading a wider team of students on several projects aimed at preserving school history.
Our aim is to immerse students at Hurlstone into the history of the school and ensure there exist structures to engage new students in Hurlstone history and ensure those who leave feel a sense of belonging in being a part of that history.

Book of Memories

This is a collection of memories of Hurlstone from various former students and staff. (Click here to view the memories book)

Famous Hurlstonians

Profiles of some notable former students. (Click here to view the profiles)

Pro Patria Profiles

During the 1990's many former students were interviewed by Year 9 history students and their stories published in volumes entitled "Pro Patria Profiles" (Click here to view some of these Pro Patria profiles)

Heritage Newsletters

This newsletter is produced by students and aims to keep our old boys and girls up to date with events and successes of the school. The newsletter will also serve as a communication medium to publish Alumni and / or past year group activities.

Heritage Walk

A number of key historical areas of the school are being identified (such as the Memorial Forest, dormitory blocks, the old dairy), the history researched and then highlighted with an interpretative sign. It is expected that these brushed aluminium signs will contain a combination of text and photo describing the area / building, detailing its history and significance to the Hurlstone community.
We are planning a variety of walks based on duration and interest.

To guide new students, visitors and past Hurlstonians around the heritage walks, we are producing a variety of school maps, outlining the respective heritage walk and detailing some history about the locations visited during the walk. Click here for the self-guided history tour (PDF format 173KB)

An outline and display of our project was available at the Student Heritage Group stand at last year's annual country fair. We are particularly hoping that some of our former students would be willing to sponsor the plaques which are to be placed on the heritage walk.

The following plaques have already been prepared:

Other Items

Further Information

Further details can be found as below: If you would like lend us a helping hand in any way it would be most appreciated. Please, contact us if you would like to donate anything to our cause. Old memorabilia, assistance, sponsorship, suggestions, and anything else is most welcome.
You can contact the Student Heritage Group via the school office.