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Recent Items from the Alumni Forums ...

1976 graduates (2)

By KMunro @ June 22, 2020

Hi Andrew, Yes he left in 1976 as I was in the same year. I actually ran into him at (I think) Prospect Council in SA it was a bit of a reunion of sorts. He then came to work with the same company as ...

Replies: 2

Reversal of relocation decision - Dec 10 2019 (0)

By admin @ February 7, 2020

On 10 December 2019, a new announcement was made regarding the relocation of HAHS.

It is now to remain at Glenfield as a selective, boarding, agricultural high school. (Refer to the "Farm Sa...

Replies: 0

Alumni of 1963 - 50 year reunion in 2013 (5)

By whi812 @ January 28, 2018

Alumni from 1959 to 1963 (and others who are interested).
Following our successful 50 year reunion back in October 2013, we are planning to have an informal get together on Sat 14 April 2018. Venue i...

Replies: 5

Class of 1980 (1)

By GregGlynn @ November 16, 2017

Yeah, that link should have worked ...


Replies: 1

Reminiscences wanted (21)

By sapper9 @ June 12, 2017

Rugby season 1971
It was compulsory for all boys in 1st Form (yr 7) to attend the first rugby training session.
Mr Ayers (aka Rock) made us do laps around No 1 oval. He was a big unit and brought a ...

Replies: 21

Famous Hurlstonians (0)

By woodhart @ May 26, 2016

Any reason why Mark Latham is not on the list ?

Replies: 0

Forum Dec 15 2015 10am and 7pm at HAHS to fight current proposal (1)

By admin @ December 15, 2015

Unfortunately, the evening session has been cancelled due to insufficient RSVP's. A report on the morning session will be available soon. (Our apologies for any inconvenience)

Replies: 1

Horse Husbandry Elective (3)

By PhilWombey @ October 8, 2015

STROP by name.
STROP by nature

Replies: 3

Class of 1965 Reunion (0)

By jmerriman @ September 30, 2015



Venue: Mercure Lake Macquarie Rafferty’s Resort,
1 Wild Duck Drive via Rafferty’s Road, Cam’s Wharf. N.S.W. 2281

TEL: (0...

Replies: 0

deportment training with June Dally-Watkins (1)

By fletcher @ April 29, 2015

We had this class the year after you - class of '77. Pretty impressive

Replies: 1
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